V Legende vom Haus am Lerchenweg multiple times IPO3, FH  

HD/ED "a" normal DM clear

Legende was awarded V5 at NASS 2014 as well as a recipient of the Performance Award at NASS. In 2016 he was complimented at the USCA Sieger Show by the Performance Judge and Director of Judges Nathaniel Rogue, by stating, "you have a good dog here, I wish all show people would show this performance with their dogs."  Legende has earned his IPO3 more than once, he has earned his FH. In the show venue, he has numerous V1 placements and is the best male Showline Sable German Shepherd in the US today. 

Owners: Sally Schoder 

Legende is an amazing example of the "Golden Middle" German Shepherd. He is not only beautiful, he has a super temperament. He loves to swim and play, he loves all sizes of people and every other animal, yes even the chickens. His work is very impressive in all three phases of IPO. Legende is a fun dog to have around, in the house, out for a walk, on the field and in the ring.  He shines no matter what the situation.  Legendes favorite pass time is out with the horses, he loves nothing more than a nice trail ride with the Mustangs that he gingerly leads through the wilderness.

Legende is the father of our GORGEOUS sable female Soffi vom Haus am Lerchenweg. We are so excited to be carrying on his line through her.

Legende is a proven producer, he has given us excellent puppies that have turned into amazing adults.  He passes on his excellent working abilities and flawless temperments, as well as his fantastic health, with numerous OFA or SV Certified hips and elbows in his progeny. 

We love our dogs, we love working our dogs, and our dogs love working!  








 Legende is available to approved females only. 

Give us a call at 208-880-0581 for more information or email us at k9condos@yahoo.com