SG 4 Inca Terra Uva IPO1 DM pending


We are so excited to welcome Inca to our breeding program. She comes to us from a very famous Judge and friend of ours in Germany.  
She is already titled and has her Breed Survey!  Inca is a very special female. She is truly the kindest soul I have met. She is a 4 year old beauty who loves to be in the house at your feet. She is so quiet you don't even know she is there. She just had 6 gorgeous red and black substantial puppies who will undoubtedly go far. She takes such good care of them.  We just love watching her with them as they grow and she teaches them all about life. 


Give us a call at 208-880-0581 for more information or email us at    



Inca's Show Record

  • SG 4 Serbian Siegershow 2014 Judge Norbert Wettlaufer