V Lilly vom Haus am Lerchenweg schh2 KKL HD, ED "a" normal 

Owners : Sally Schoder and Wendy Fields

Lilly vom Haus am Lercehnweg SchH2 KKL HD and ED "a" normal DM clear

Lilly is a top producing female from our very own breeding.  She is the mother of our VA Quinnie, Police K9’s, SAR dogs, as well as numerous successful IPO competitors, she has produced a mobility assist dog, as well as service dogs. She has been such a pleasure to train and live with.  Lilly is a recipient of the Performance Award given out at the North American Sieger Show where she competed and received  V2.  

Lilly is out of VA Happy vom Fichtenschlag SchH 3 FH 2, and multiple time VA Bill von der Furstenau SchH3. Lilly loves to go swimming, play fetch and running with the horses. She is an amazing mother, producer, and a lovely, lovely German Shepherd.

Give us a call at 360-305-0291 for more information or email us at k9condos@yahoo.com    

Some of Lilly’s exceptional babies.

sieger show2.jpg

VA1 (CAN) V14 (BSZS) Quinnie v Haus a Lerchenweg IPO2 KKL “a” Normal HD/ED

Quinnie resides with us at our home

teri and nyko.jpg

SG Nyko v Haus a Lerchenweg "a" Normal HD/ED BH TR1

Terri and her husband Praveen came to us 4 years ago and met their gorgeous friend Nyko. They came to us with a pretty tough order to fill and our Lilly did it.
He has blessed Terri with a full heart and Praveen could not be happier with this boy.

Terri has been working with Nyko towards his IPO 1, looks like 2018 is their year!

We could not have asked for a better addition to the Lerchenweg family. Wonderful people and amazing friends.


Radar v Haus a Lerchenweg SAR Certified Montana and Texas HD/ED Normal

Sami found us a few years ago and in that, found her soul mate, guardian and Working Partner. Sami and Radar started in Montana and quickly became the hot topics and more than welcomed to the group. When she moved to Texas she was worried until Radar out shined all the competition and took every new challenge on with a super star attitude.

Watch for them in the news... they are making huge strides!

Congratulations to you two!




Please contact Thomas for more information 360-305-0291


Our Pride and Joy, Officer of the Law... Perfect Team


Reagan vom Haus a Lerchenweg owns a dear friend Terri. She has blessed her with so many amazing things.