sg Soffi vom Haus am Lerchenweg bh Hd/ed normal, DM clear

Owners : Sally Schoder

Soffi.... our long awaited dream German Shepherd has arrived. She is out of our perfect Cia von der Brucknerallee and the best Sable in the US, Legende vom Haus am Lerchenweg.  Soffi was named after Thomas' favorite showline female Jenny, aka Soffi.  Soffi has some big shoes to fill.  

Soffi.... all I can say is wow... she is everything I have ever dreamed of.  Her Aunt Julie would be so proud.  This girl is not only perfect in Color, she has the BEST temperment I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of.  Thank you to Thomas, your breeding abilites are just amazing, you have given me my dream dog.

Soffi is DM Clear by parentage HD/ED "a" normal!

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Soffi Show Results

  • VP 1 Rose City WDA Regional SV Judge Peter Arth

  • SG 1 WRSC of Canada SV Judge Friedrich Gerstenberg

  • SG 1 OG Idaho SV Judge Helmut Koenig

  • SG 1 Lower Mainland SV Judge Friedrich Gerstenberg