Bannock vom Mittelwest IPO3 KKL 

V Bannock vom Mittelwest SchH3 KKL1a

Owners: Sally and Thomas Schoder

Bannock is a wonderful example of the breed. He is a normal sized German Shepherd with good conformation and nice secondary characteristics. He is a well balanced dog. He can go on the field, work and come home and insist that he is a lap dog. He is one of the most affectionate German Shepherds I have ever met. He loves children and all people. It’s not very common to find a dog that is naturally good in all three phases of the Schutzhund sport, and he loves them all, from tracking to obedience to the protection work. He is very easy to train; he is a happy dog full of life and just loves having fun! He is passing on his amazing qualities to his progeny!



Bannock has obtained his 2 and his 3 in just a few weeks, then went on to NASS and had a great performance there.  Thank you to all who helped us accomplish this for such a wonderful German Shepherd!

I put an IPO3 on Bannock Summer of 2012.  He was so much fun to work and be on the field with.  What a great dog. 

Bannock is now retired.