The breeding of Shepherd Dogs is the breeding of working dogs; and this must always be the aim or we shall cease to produce the Shepherd dogs
— Max von Stephanitz

we have puppies!!

Quinnie and Filou puppies have arrived.

Our long awaited Quinnie was born on July 13. This outstanding litter is spoken for. We still have a male available from our Litter in Germany with Liberty v Fichtenschlag and Fire v Finkenschlag.
She was bred to Filou who has produced some outstanding German Shepherds in Germany and with Quinnie’s pedigree we expect the same from her. We are accepting a couple more reservations for this litter. Quinnie has excellent hip and elbow scores as well as Filou, this litter will be DM Clear.

**Liberty and Fires litter was born on June 24 in Germany and will be imported the 3rd week of August.**

We are accepting reservations for males in this litter. There were 5 males and 1 female born. 1 of those males is a black and tan, the rest are red sables, the red sable female is spoken for.

Liberty is sable female out of the amazing Djambo vom Fichtenschlag. Djambo has been one of my favorites since I saw him as a young dog. Our daughter who also loves Djambo and sables, found this female and just had to have her. Natascha has shown her quite a bit in Germany, she was in the German Sieger Show with a very good placing. She then titled her to her IPO1 last year in Germany with Excellent scores. This lovely Sable Female will have 6-8 babies mid June. Fire is a stunning male out of the #1 German Shepherd in the world, Willy vom Kuckucksland. He has been shown in the US as well as in Germany with exceptional placings receiving the highest rating of VA. Being the total package he is not only great to look at he has super work ethic on the field, great bitework and an exceptional temperament. He is a strong male with gorgeous expression and an excellent temperament. Absolutely the Golden Middle German Shepherd we look for.

Liberty is “a” Normal Hips and Elbows, DM clear Fire is also “a” Normal Hips and Elbows

Please contact us if you would like to add one of these little ones to your family, we have a few reservations available. Sables, black/reds to be expected. or 360-305-0291

Planned Sires for our Spring/Summer/Fall litters 2019

VA Fight vom Holtkamper Hof SchH3 KKL

Fight is stamping his progeny with his extraordinary ability and beauty. He is producing healthy, gorgeous German Shepherds world wide. Both parents are direct imports from Germany, both are IPO titled, Breed Surveyed, Hip and Elbow tested and have amazing health and temperaments. **** Female to be announced on Confirmation of Pregnancy.

V Filou von der Werther-Mühle IPO 3 KKL

Filou has joined vom Haus am Lerchenweg this March. He will be bred to a select number females in 2019, as well as 2020. Filou has produced excellent progeny in Germany so far. He is producing correct size, temperament, health and pigment. He has had a few breedings since being in the USA. We are being very selective as to who we offer him to for breeding.

VA Fire vom Finkenschlag IPO3 KKL

Liberty has been confirmed pregnant, Due in June. This litter will be born in Germany and will arrive in the USA the 3rd week of August. Fire has produced some exceptional progeny, not only in Germany, but also here in the United States. Fire has a excellent stamp on his progeny, beautiful heads exceptional color with unwavering heath and temperament! We have a few reservations available please contact us for more information. or 360-305-0291

 Why pick vom Haus am Lerchenweg for your new family member? Experience, knowledge, proven history.  Our breeding program started as breeding programs should.  We started over 30 years ago assisting and mentoring some of the most respected breeders in the world.  There are number one most influential German Shepherds, born in our home. We have trained, titled, handled, bred, and produced VA German Shepherds not only in the US but also in Canada and Europe. We follow very closely with the founder of the German Shepherd, Max von Stephanitz, we are small and every breeding is carefully selected, if we can not find a suitable male to breed to in the US we will send our females to Germany, if that is not an option, we will not breed.  We would rather not have a litter, than have one just for producing puppies.  We select everything very carefully.  We have removed females from our program for things that other breeders would look past.

Our puppies do not leave here until they are 8 weeks old.  Our puppies all have vaccinations, and have been wormed. All of our puppies come with a contract, and AKC registration papers.  

We also have a program where we will train your puppy for you and then you can pick them up.  What is included in that? Crate training, sit, down, their name, your puppy can learn this by 11 weeks of age through positive training.  Here is an example of our own female that is 10 weeks old and what your new baby can learn by the time they come home. This program is an additional $800.

We are located in Melba ID. We offer our puppies and welcome all visitors to see our family.  We have puppies in Idaho , Montana, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Washington State, New Jersey, Ohio, Wyoming, California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, New Mexico, Texas and Oregon. We have International Puppies in Europe, Canada, Venezuela and Mexico.