VA1 (canada) v14 (bszs) Quinnie vom Haus am Lerchenweg IPO 1 KKL HD, ED "a" normal dm clear

Quinnie was named the Highest American bred at the GSDCA Universal Sieger Show under Herr Goldlust!! What an accomplishment.

Owner : Thomas Schoder

Quinnie is a daughter of our Lilly vom Haus am Lerchenweg and Pippo House of Grumil

VA1 Quinnie vom Haus am Lerchenweg

It all started with a beautiful Sable Showline female VA4 Happy v Fichtenschlag-Zwinger  SchH 3, IPO3, FH1, FH2, KKL, owned by our daughter Natascha Meyer.  Happy bred to VA Bill von der Furstenau SchH 3 KKL gave us a funny dog Lilly, then Lilly went to Germany and Natascha was able to get a breeding to V Pippo House of Grumil and that breeding gave us our amazing Quinnie.  

Quinnie, like Lilly, was born in our kennel.  She has been a firecracker from day one!

Today we are proud to announce our Gorgeous, Funny, Shoe Stealing, Crazy Qonni is now the Canadian Siegerin, VA1 for 2018. 

We did not think it could get better than this.... and then it did! Quinnie was given the show rating of V14 at the German Sieger Show. She was the highest placed American Bred Female in the world!! And she came from Little Ole Melba, Idaho! What does this mean? Well, Proof is in the pudding. We are so happy.

Quinnie is an exceptional female both in the ring as well as on the field.  She excels in all aspects of IGP. She is a fun dog that loves to play, happy dog with an incredible attitude towards working.  She is a large female, very strong female, excellent ball and prey drive. Excellent ready to play and please attitude. Quinnie is also our number one working dog for our Drug Business. She has several drug finds a week, we could just go on and on about this amazing German Shepherd.

Qinnie's Breed Survey by SV Judge Helmut Koenig

Big, strong, very good height to length proportion, very good pigment, strong head, very good expression, high wither, good length of croup and position, balanced chest proportion, correct front, very good angulated, correct and powerful movement with reach. TSB Pronounced

Breeding Recommendation: Suitable for improving the perfect length of bone.

Give us a call at 360-305-0291 for more information about Quinnie or email us at She will be bred winter of 2018    

 VA(Canada) V14 (BSZS) Quinnie v Haus a Lerchenweg IPO2 KKL in Germany

Quinnie Show Record

  • VP 1 - TVWDA SV Judge Rainer Mast

  • SG 1 - Rose City WDA Regional SV Judge Peter Arth

  • SG 1 - WRSC of Canada SV Judge Friedrich Gerstenberg

  • V 1 - OG Idaho SV Judge Helmut Koenig

  • V 1 - Lower Mainland of Canada SV Judge Friedrich Gerstenberg

  • V2 - Scottsdale Schutzhund Club SV Judge Bernd Weber

  • V 1 - USCA National Event SV Judge Rainer Mast

  • V 6 - Zucht-und Nachwuchsschau (LG 14) SV Judge Thomas Teubert

  • V 1 Western Rescue Schutzhund Club of Canada SV Judge Dieter Oeser

  • V 10 LG Zucht - und Nachwuchsschau (LG 14) SV Judge Thomas Teubert

  • **VA1 - Canadian Sieger Show SV Judge Rainer Mast**

  • **V14 BSZS Nurnberg Germany SV Judge Thomas Teubert

  • V1 - Treasure Valley Working Dog Club USCA Pacific Northwest Regional SV Judge Peter Arth

  • V1 - GSDCA Universal Sieger Show SV Judge Frank Goldlust **Highest American Bred**

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