Marly von Dragalevtzi V1!

Marlys very first show in North America and he wins dynamically first place! Thank you Tracy for the beautiful handling!  Quinni SG 1, Soffi VP1!   Marly also received his KKL.  What a great weekend. 

Lilly and Marly babies have arrived!


Cia and Naila both DM test came back CLEAR on both of the girls today! Which means none of the babies they produce will never have Degenerative Myopathy. 

Repeat Breeding to Legende with our beautiful Rinett

Many of you who have been following us on FB are very familiar with out famous "P" boys! We are so excited about thier drives, beauty, and character, that we decided to repeat this breeding! 

Rinett has very small litters, so please contact us early for your reservation!

Thomas 360-305-0291 or