We did it Canadian Siegerin VA1 Quinnie vom Haus am Lerchenweg IPO2 KKL

In 2010 I watched a dear friend of mines female Happy v Fichtenschlag multiple IPO3 FH 1 and 2 KKL go VA4 in Canada, that was such an accomplishment I could not have been more proud and happy for her. 
I have had the honor to own 3 of her children and 2 of her grandchildren. 
Today this post is about Happy’s granddaughter Quinnie v Haus a Lerchenweg IPO2 KKL.
Quinnie was born in our home after 36 hours of no sleep. Lilly has always done things in her own time. 
Quinnie was shown for the first time under Herr Mast here in Nampa, she won her class by miles. She went on to make several accomplishments. Thomas and I worked harder and harder envisioning that she has an amazing future. 
She got her IPO1 and her 2, she received a few more 1st places her Breed Survey. Then as we sit and watch her all we can think is....
This is her year. Well it happened.

We would love to introduce to you our Beautiful Canadian Siegerin VA Quinnie v Haus a Lerchenweg IPO 2 KKL. 
She did it. She won! Our shoe stealing, screaming, bed hog, funny Qonni stole the show.

She is our superstar.

Thanks to all who read the whole thing! 
Thank you to Vitaly for the photos! Ralph Gilby for being so amazing and helping us while you were getting ready for a big competition yourself. Thank you to Amber for being her #1 fan! Thank you to Shannon for always supporting us. Thank you to my dear friends Terri and Praveen Upadhaya, Jessica and Timo Rieg! Morgan Caffey Torres and Barbie Butler DiBernardo. Thank you to V and Elena Autin for traveling far and wide with us. Wayne Claiborne for always being available. 
Most of all thank you to Natascha Meyer for Happy! I love you and am so happy to call you family today. 
Thank you SV Judge Rainer Mast!! It doesn’t get any better than this!